Who Is Ebony Rose?

  This is Ebony Rose.  Your Costa Rica contact and connection.

Pura Vida my friend!   I am here to provide several services to meet your needs in Costa Rica, but you may wonder who am I and why should you contact me.  Well, let me give you a short bio.  Then feel free to fill out the contact form, so we may connect and collaborate to create the experiences of your dreams.

I was born in New York City, but was raised in Atlanta, Georgia, USA.  My childhood was very loving and vibrant allowing me to grow and develop into a beautiful young lady.  As an adult, I lived a life of chaos and struggle not understanding who I was and my purpose in life.  As I began having children, I decided to become an elementary school teacher which allowed me to experience the many highs and lows of educating young children in the public school system in Atlanta.  After a few years of teaching in Atlanta, I found an opportunity to teach at Lakeside International School in Guanacaste, Costa Rica.  I immediately jumped at the opportunity and moved to Costa Rica to experience a new culture and new system of education.  While in Costa Rica, I learned about Mindfulness Meditation and began practicing meditation.  Through meditation and being surrounded in the natural paradise of Costa Rica’s pacific coast, I began to connect with who I am and learned how to create my life. I was finally at peace;  at peace with my past, present and future.  This awakening or revelation was truly life-changing for me.

Now, three years after beginning meditation practices and having crystal-clear vision, I understand that my purpose is to share this beautiful, holistic, peaceful country with you.  It is my purpose to help you explore your curiosities and experience the peaceful paradise that Costa Rica offers.  Costa Rica truly changed my life, and I am here to help you experience this lovable, unforgettable country for yourself.  There are many services that I offer from guided tours and vacation rentals to buying and selling properties.

Please fill out the contact form, so we can connect and create a custom experience to meet your needs.

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Thanks and Pura Vida!