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Guided Tours

Experience the various tropical environments Costa Rica has to offer guided by Ebony Rose. What are you curious about? What experiences would you love to explore......rustic and cultural experiences, adventurous and exciting experiences, authentic and tribal experiences, educational experiences or sexy and romantic experiences. Whatever drives your curiosity, hire Ebony Rose to create your custom, private guided itinerary to satisfy your curiosities and experience the trip of a lifetime !

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Private Driver

Do you know where you are going in Costa Rica, but fear driving on the small roads with motorcyclists, bicyclists, cows, iguanas and chickens in the roads. Ebony Rose can get you to your destinations safely with a current Costa Rica Driver's License and years of driving the rugged Costa Rica roads. You cannot get there alone with GPS. Trust Ebony Rose to get behind the wheel, so you can enjoy the scenery and relax.

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Are you curious about visiting, living, or investing in properties in Costa Rica. Allow Ebony Rose to find the property of your dreams. From vacation rentals to second homes, commercial buildings to lots, allow Ebony Rose to find the property you are looking for. With experience and contacts in the different regions and cities throughout Costa Rica, Ebony Rose can find you the deals and property you need. What do you like....beachfront, ocean view, mountains, rivers, jungles, rocks, wildlife, or farms? What environment vibe do you like......Caribbean/Jamaica Vibe, Free Spirit/Hippy Vibe, Crowded/City Vibe, or Private/Isolated Vibe? Whatever you like, hire Ebony Rose to find it for you.

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